Legend Of Mir II

Mir Alliance Systems:

* Five Classes

* Knight System

* Item Stage System

* Instance Map System

* Redemption System

* Nobility Rank System

* Guild Alliance System

* Redemption War System

* Unique Monster AIs

* Spells Up To Level 6 System

* Ultimate Item Set System

* New Spells For Each Class

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System Explaining

Knight System

Opens once reach level cap: 60

Gain 1 knight point per knight level

Knight points used to increase your skills power


Redemption War System

Three times a week at 8:00pm

Players have to fight against each other to win the war

RedemptionBadge reward worth the fight for it

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Item Stage System

Upgrading your items by increasing thier stage level

item will have a random chance to have from +1 to +3 additional and random stats

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